It all starts with a band called Crossfire in the early 90s.


                                                            Crossfire            Keith & Carla         Keith on Keys       Keith and Carla


Crossfire dissolves and Keith forms a new project

   Keith                    Tim                         


                                1st                                                2nd                                                3rd                                                    4th

         Keith on lead vocals and keys           Tim on lead guitar                  Brian is asked to play drums      Ray finalizes the group on bass


Witzend plays as a four piece band with Keith singing lead for about a year. The name of the band came from Brian, while he was looking at a matchbook cover. We all agreed. It was better than some of the other names being tossed around like Rugburnz and Earthworm Stepweazel.

Witzend decides its time for a change and we began advertising for a female singer who we feel will allow us to be able to do a wider variety of music. After several under medicated girls try out, I get a call from Trish. She's interested in our project and warns me that she is not going show a lot of skin or sleep with any of the band members. We are disappointed, but decide to audition her anyway. She was very nervous because she had never really played this type of music before. Most of the band wants to keep looking to find the next Mariah Carey, but Keith decides that she is what we are looking for and if things don't work out, we can look again. Trish is added to Witzend in April of 94.

Trish's First time performing on stage with Witzend was at a club in Smithfield, RI called Barwinkles.

Mike Demaio was Witzend's first soundman and George was our first lighting technician


          The full band                 Early Promo              Early Band Pic             Early Band Pic               Early Band Pic            World Promo

The next person in our Witzend history is Harry our Sound Technician. Harry came on board to replace Mike who decided to leave the band free up a little more time that he needed. Harry brought in a larger system and gave us the production needed to fill bigger rooms.


Our next big introduction is Jed.  Jed came on board when Tim decided to leave around 1999. Jed brought a whole gift bag of talent with him. Jed can play the piano, drums, guitar, and the bass.


Our next big change was replacing Brian with Jeff as our Drummer. Jeff came from the popular band The Senders and had been playing all over the area already, so he fit right in. Jeff was also able to add some vocals as well.


Scott came along next replacing Ray who wanted to spend more time with his family. Scott came from the band Main Break and happened to be available at the time that we were looking. Scott sat in with Keith and Trish a few times when they did an open mic night at Chubs Pub in Warren


Les is the next one on our long list of bass players. Les actually waited in line as another bass player auditioned. As soon as Les started playing, we knew he was perfect for the band. In case you don't remember Les, he is the one with the hats and the bread.